Desiccant – the all-rounder against corrosion damage

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In this case study, you can read all about how Tropack Packmittel GmbH joins forces with BINDER to analyze desiccants in the laboratory and determine their absorbency. Desiccants are used during transport, for example, to effectively protect valuable goods from damaging moisture.

The capacitive humidity sensor with steam humidification facilitates precise humidification and finely adjustable humidity control inside the humidity test chamber.

The remit was as follows:

  • Desiccant quality control
  • Testing according to DIN 55473
  • Testing of the absorbency of desiccant granulates such as alumina, silica gel and molecular sieve
  • Homogeneous temperature conditions across test specimens
  • Easy to operate

Desiccant – the all-rounder against corrosion damage