White paper on cell cultivation: For and against particular technical solutions in CO2 incubators 

The parameters to consider 

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The aim of cell culture is to achieve and maintain good cell growth and, depending on the task, to attain appropriate cell differentiation.  This involves taking numerous parameters and requirements into account and technically implementing them. 

The CO2 incubator or CO2/O2 incubator is a key element in cell culture. Various technical solutions are used to achieve the right temperature, humidity, COand/or O2 concentration, and interior design. This white paper compares various commercially available solutions for the four parameters and interior design.

Always make sure you are comparing like with like. 

Content of the white paper: 

  • Temperature
  • Humidity and dew point 
  • CO2 concentration 
  • O2 concentration
  • Interior 
  • Sterilization
  • Qualification and validation


Cell cultivation