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Walk-in climate chamber or Reach-in climate chamber?

Find the best solution for your application

In addition to an extensive range of traditional reach-in climate chambers, BINDER’s WIC series provides walk-in climate chambers for applications in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics sectors. But what are the differences between environmental walk-ins and reach-ins and what advantages does each solution offer for users?

Environmental Walk-in chambers (or walk-ins for short) provide much more space compared to traditional reach-in climate chambers. They can be a good alternative when testing or storing large quantities or bulky packaging in particular.

BINDER walk-in climate chambers and reach-in climate chambers are designed and built to offer outstanding constant climatic conditions. They are ideal for long-term and accelerated stability testing in accordance with guidelines ICH Q1A (R2), VICH GL3, and WHO climate zones I to IVb, as well as for shelf-life studies and storage. The interior coating of both variants is made of grade 1.4301 stainless steel. In addition, walk-ins and reach-ins from BINDER offer qualification documentation including IQ, OQ, and PQ.


Figure: Temperature-humidity chart
ICH long-term stability testing   
Accelerated ICH stability testing  
     • ICH stress test                                          
  • Industrial  THB test (85/85)               


BINDER walk-ins feature extensive shelf space to accommodate large quantities. This is useful if all samples need to be tested under the same conditions. However, if different climatic conditions need to be simulated at the same time, this is not possible with a walk-in. In such cases, the ideal solution would be to use several reach-ins instead.  The decision regarding whether you opt for walk-in or reach-in solution should not be taken lightly. Users should precisely define their own requirements in advance, including any long-term needs. The following properties should be considered when making a decision:





Walk-in climate chamber


Important product features at a glance:


Constant climate chamber (reach-in)


Important product features at a glance:

  • Interior volume: 6, 9, or 12 cubic meters
  • Interior volume: largest KBF-S 1020 BINDER constant climate chamber: 1 cubic meter
  • Shelf space: 12, 17, or 22 square meters
  • Shelf space: largest KBF-S 1020 BINDER constant climate chamber: 1.3 square meters
  • Significantly more space required due to external air conditioning unit,              maintenance walkway at least 500 mm wide required; alternatively, the air          conditioning unit can be positioned next to the door
  • Less space required
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1.5 K
  • Temperature accuracy: ±0.3 K
  • On-site assembly required, chamber components are delivered on pallets.         
    Clarification of structural aspects such as evenness of floor, dimensions of doors, elevators, etc., position of electricity and water supply required
  • Flexible installation options and transport on casters, no on-site assembly required


  • Water management: use of tap water, the tap water container is regularly rinsed out, annual maintenance recommended

  • Water management: fresh water with a conductivity of between 1 and max. 20 µS/cm, frequent water treatment required



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