Virus research in BINDER chambers

The research of highly contagious and life-threatening viruses is in times of corona more important than ever. Since it is such a dangerous disease, the scientists need reliable equipment for their work in the laboratories. Out of that reason, many virologists rely on our BINDER products because they guarantee safety and accuracy.

A first breakthrough was made by the virologist Professor Dr. Volker Thiel of the University in Berne, Switzerland. He used our BINDER Freezers in order to create the first synthetic clone of the coronavirus. With this success, it is now possible to work on a vaccine all over the world. Still now, the real coronavirus probes are stored in our BINDER freezers in Berne for further research processes.

In a second step, many institutions such as the Charité in Berlin or the company Curevac use our BINDER CO2 - incubators for the vaccine production. The University of Hamburg Eppendorf is also using our premium products made in Tuttlingen for clinical tests. In these studies, Professor Dr. Marylyn Addo tries out medicine that is already on the market and which might could cure severe forms of corona infections.
Since our mission is to improve the safety and health of mankind we will do everything possible to help with the coronavirus research and to be here for you.

BINDER fights COVID-19

Freezers and CO2 incubators made by BINDER

Cool down to - 80 °C

For example, coronavirus samples are stored in the freezers, which cool down to - 80 °C. In this way, they can be retrieved at any time and can provide further information on the new lung disease. Freezers from BINDER thus enable detailed and long-term virus research with dangerous pathogens.

Optimum cell growth

Those who deal with the coronavirus scientifically will probably also need a CO2 - incubator for their research. The most important issue here is safety and the fact that after working on human cells, an anti-contamination concept such as that used by BINDER is available.

Virus samples can be safely stored in Ultra low temperature freezers at temperatures as low as - 80°C or dangerous infections of human cells can be simulated in CO2 - incubators.



Special features of our ULT Freezers

  • Lowest energy consumption in its class
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerants R-290 and R-170
  • Range of temperature controller: -90 °C to -40 °C
  • Efficient thermal insulation with vacuum insulation panels
  • Rust-proof interior made completely of stainless steel

Special features of our CO2 Incubators

  • Seamless, deep-drawn inner stainless steel chamber
  • Auto-sterilization with hot air at 180 °C
  • Hot-air sterilizable CO₂ sensor with infrared technology
  • Double-pan humidification system with condensation protection
  • Internal data recording and USB interface

Do not hesitate and ask us how our chambers can help you in your important work. We will be pleased to advise you which chambers meet your requirements.